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CH-8058 Zurich Airport


Let us take care of you personally at Zurich Airport.

Do you need personal assistance at Zurich Airport? To ensure our staff is able to assist you in the best way possible, please provide information about your needs in advance. However, we ask that you do not notify CAREPORT directly, but rather your travel agent or airline. We can help you with this. Simply keep in mind the following questions.

I need a wheelchair.

When do I need to provide notification of my assistance needs?

Ideally, when booking your flight, indicate if and what type of assistance you need. You should inform your travel agent or airline of your assistance needs at least 48 hours before departure.

What information do I have to provide?

Provide as many details as possible about the type of assistance you need at Zurich Airport. Also notify your travel agent or airline of any other special needs: Are you travelling with a battery-powered wheelchair? Or are you travelling with a guide dog? If you need assistance on your return trip, i.e. after landing at Zurich Airport, you can also indicate this at this time (or at least 48 hours before landing).

I need personal assistance.
My child needs personal assistance.

How do I find my personal guide?

To ensure you receive the right assistance, the airline you are flying with needs the following details about your particular needs. Here are the three steps:

Three steps to getting personal assistance

Step 1: What type of assistance do you need? Category
I am able to climb stairs by myself. WCHR
I am able to climb stairs with assistance. WCHR
I am not able to climb stairs with assistance. WCHS
I am unable to move. WCHC
I am travelling with my own wheelchair and i am able to climb stairs. WCHR- OWN
I am travelling with my own wheelchair and i am not able to climb stairs WCHS- OWN
I am travelling with my own wheelchair and i am not able to walk. WCHC- OWM
I can not see or i have very bad eyesight. BLND
I can not hear or i have difficulties to hear. DEAF
I am mentally disabled. DPNA
I have trouble finding my way around due to my age. MAAS- ELDERLY
I want to send my child (under 12) on a trip by himself/herself. UMNR
I want to send my child (over 12) on a trip by himself/herself. YP
I want to bring my child directly to the gate (Child MUST be booked as UMNR. Identify yourself with your Passport oder ID) UMWP
I want to pick up passenger dircetly at the gate Not possible


The following services are not offered by all airlines. Please contact your airline for more information.

I need assistance with the language.MAAS-Language
I have never travelled by plane before and am afraid of getting lost.MAAS-Inexperienced
Step 2: Would you like extra help? 
I need help with my luggage.Link to porter service
I need help between the car park and check-in.Link to porter service
I need help between the train platform
and check-in.
Link to porter service

Step 3: What airline are you flying?

You're almost at your destination! Click the following link to select your airline. Request the desired assistance services based on the information you provided above. Because CAREPORT does not accept any direct reservations for assistance, you must submit your request through your airline or your travel agent. 

How to fly with your wheelchair, free of charge.

Notify your airline that you are travelling with a wheelchair. It will also be transported in the freight room, free of charge. If you have an electric wheelchair, you are required to disconnect the batteries from the motor.

How to ensure a smooth flying experience with your guide dog.

Are you travelling with your four-legged friend? Certified guide dogs must be registered with the airline. In general, they are allowed to travel with you in the cabin, free of charge. Your travel agent or the embassy in your destination country can provide more detailed information on the entry requirements for dogs.

I need additional assistance.