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CH-8058 Zurich Airport

& Arrival

Departure and Arrival

Unaccompanied children, elderly and people who have difficulty travelling or passengers with reduced mobility – all guests are welcome at Zurich Airport. CAREPORT accompanies you from check-in all the way to the aircraft and from the aircraft to the arrivals hall.

Departing from Zurich Airport

Have you notified your travel agent or airline of your needs for special assistance? You then have two options at Zurich Airport to request the assistance you need from CAREPORT:

Report to the check-in counter one hour before departure.

Report your presence one hour before departure to check in your luggage at the check-in counter as usual. There you will be given further instructions on what to do next.

Notification of your arrival at the check-in counter

Report to a pick-up point two hours prior to departure.

Report to a pick-up point two hours prior to departure. You will find these in the check-in halls 1 and 2, near the terminal entrances (follow the signs). Our call box is located in check-in hall 3. You can use these call boxes to contact our staff as well. CAREPORT provides any assistance you may need at check-in and accompanies you all the way to the aircraft.

Reporting to the the pick-up point

Our guarantee: you will board the plane and be in your seat on time.

Have you notified your travel agent or airline that you require assistance and are you at the check-in counter or pick-up point on time? One of our staff members will be with you in 10 minutes or less. In rare cases, it can take somewhat longer during daily operations. However, we guarantee you will board your plane in time for departure.

Were you late reporting at check-in or at the pick-up point?

If you were unable to report in time or were late arriving at check-in or at the pick-up point, CAREPORT will certainly take all efforts to ensure you do not miss your flight. However, we cannot guarantee this.

Porter Service and Escorting

On the platforms and in the curbside passenger loading zones you will find panels with direct dial telephones for the porter service. The porter service is available for a fee and provides assistance everywhere at Zurich Airport. The service is available each day from 05:15 to 23:00. We recommend booking the service in advance (up to 24 hours prior to arrival).


Security checks – special procedures for special passengers

All passengers must pass through security prior to departure. If you are travelling in a wheelchair and cannot stand up, you will be inspected individually in a separate room. If you have an electric wheelchair, you must disconnect the batteries from the motor before your flight. Are you travelling with any medications (e.g. aerosol pumps, syringes)? Do you require any special aids (e.g. prostheses)? Have your doctor-issued medical certificate on hand and let the security personnel know what airline you are flying. Also notify the security staff if you have a pacemaker.

Your direct line to the security staff

Phone: +41 (0)44 655 58 79
Service hours: 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Security checks in other countries

Certain countries have strict airport security regulations. In order to avoid delays, you should ideally find out about these before your return flight. 
> Film: Security check

Assistance at the security checkpoint

Arriving at Zurich Airport

We're happy to see you've landed here with us in Zurich again. If you also need personal assistance upon arrival at the airport, please follow the same procedure you did for departure: Notify your travel agent or your airline directly that you require assistance when booking your flight or at least 48 hours before your return flight.

We offer the following reception service.

Once you have landed in Zurich, our staff will pick you up as required – right at your airplane seat or at the arrival gate. In four minutes or less, someone will be at your service if you have requested this in advance. Our CAREPORT staff will accompany you through customs, passport and security checks and assist you at the luggage pick-up. In the arrivals hall, we will bid you farewell at one of the drop-off points. For your comfort while waiting to be picked up, you will find seating at these points. Handicapped-accessible routes also lead from the drop-off points to the train station, bus station and car park.

The porter service will greet you at the drop-off point and escort you on your way.

Do you require additional assistance to continue your journey from the drop-off point? Our porter service is here to help you (extra charge). 

Assistance after landing in Zurich