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CAREPORT: 200 staff. 70 airlines. 46 languages.

Our name is synonymous for care, accompaniment and assistance at Zurich Airport. CAREPORT AG is a company owned by Swissport/CGS and has been an independent company since November 2009. The services provided by CAREPORT are available to the passengers of over 70 airlines. Our 200 employees are specially trained and speak 46 different languages including Balinese, Farsi, Laotian, Ukrainian, Urdu and many others.

Assistance provided by CAREPORT AG
Our team – doing their job with enthusiasm.

CAREPORT AG Organigram

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An island of tranquillity and superior hospitality for first and business class passengers and members of Oneworld, Skyteam, Icelandair, British Midland and Air Baltic frequent flyer programs and Priority Pass members.
And now Careport Lounge Services are available to all passengers for a fee of CHF 35!

Welcome to Careport Lounge Services
Daily from 5:30 am to 9:00 pm at the Airside Center (Schengen area), floor 3

Assistance at Zurich Airport, free of charge

Zurich Airport offers travel assistance to passengers with limited mobility due to physical disabilities or age. The service is provided by CAREPORT AG.

It is available free of charge to all passengers requiring special assistance.

Assistance provided by CAREPORT AG

CAREPORT is there for you.

CAREPORT personnel accompany and support you on your journey, from your arrival at the airport, all the way to the aircraft. Or the other way around – from the aircraft to the arrivals hall. We help you at check-in and at the passport, customs and security checks, while dropping off or picking up your baggage as well as with the transport your wheelchair and the proper handling of your guide dog. Our service is available to you free of charge. Please submit your service request in advance so that you can make the most of our services. Have a good trip!

CAREPORT AG passenger lounge